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Mexico's cultural wealth is worldwide-renown. In addition to easiness to doing business, the country provides a cultural environment favorable to the investors who seek for artistic entertainment options.

There are more than a thousand festivities and folkloric celebrations throughout the year, featuring dances, music, songs and expressions of the extraordinary cultural diversity, characteristic to the country. The gastronomy richness stands out at an international level.

Outstanding Festivals

  • The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) is the leading literary and editorial convention of its kind for the Spanish-speaking world.

    In 2016, Latin America was the guest of honor. It received 800,821 visitors; 2,042 publishing houses from 47 countries participated; as well as 20,473 book professionals and 319 literary agents. 125 companies participated in the Rights Hall; there were 182,720 attendees to FIL Kids and 163 FIL Youth activities; 3,332 journalists representing 554 certified media covered the FIL; there were 600 book presentations, 171 literary forums, 33 academic forums, 114 artistic and musical activities, and 250 activities for professionals; 24 awards and homages were granted and 67 sponsors contributed.

    In 2017, FIL Guadalajara will be held from November, 25th to December, 3rd and Madrid will be the guest of honor.

  • The Festival Internacional Cervantino is the most prestigious cultural and artistic festival in Mexico and Latin America and one among the World's Top 5.

    For the 2016 edition Spain and Jalisco were guest of honor. The Festival included the participation of 3,528 national and international artists from 38 countries. Almost one thousand activities were organized with an attendance of 414,857 spectators to the program Cervantes 400 "De la locura al idealismo".

    As an special occasion the Festival Internacional Cervantino was held from October, 2nd to October, 23rd with the XXVI International Colloquium as a framework, which became part of the Cervantino activities in order to highlight the importance of honoring 400 years of Cervantes' death. This was the main commemoration on the subject in the world.

    The Festival operated the programs and sub-programs Cervantino para Todos, Cervantino en tu comunidad, Una comunidad al Cervantino, Formación de Públicos y Diálogos Cervantinos, Enrique Ruelas Project, Fic Incluyente, Academia Cervantina and Más allá de Guanajuato.

    The website received 1,618,455 visits and had 14 videos available to 45,279 ciber-viewers.

    The Festival Internacional Cervantino will celebrate 45 years on 2017. France and Estado de Mexico will be guest of honor. The main subject will be Revoluciones, 100 años Constitución Mexicana, Revolución Rusa.

  • Throughout 2016, 132 Film Festivals were celebrated in Mexico. The ones from Guadalajara and Morelia are considered among the top 10 in Latin America.

    In 2016, 100 International awards were granted to national films, among them The Venice International Film Festival's Silver Lion for best direction to Amat Escalante, for his work at The Untamed.