ProMéxico MIM

  • In Mexico, an industrial park is a delimited land for industrial use which does not operate under a special trade regime but offers all the urban infrastructure and necessary permits for manufacturing, distribution and high tech operations. 
  • In comparison with a stand alone facility, an industrial park offers integral services under the Plug & Play concept, since the real estate supply of industrial land and buildings, besides high quality, includes all the basic services and utilities, providing a hassle free environment for the tenant. All is ready to use.
  • The Mexican standard NMX-R-046-SCFI-2015, certifies that the industrial park comply with the essential design criteria to guarantee an optimal operation for the tenant.  Among these criteria are: Land size, minimum 10 hectares plus 10 more for future expansions; utilities (water, electric energy, and telecommunications); urban infrastructure (sidewalks, public lighting, water discharges, etc.), with the right volume and according to regulations; environmental protection (30% green areas and completion of environmental regulations); on-site administration responsible of maintenance and tenant security; availability of Class A industrial buildings.
  • In summary, the advantages of industrial parks in Mexico are: a) the certainty of the land ownership, the feasibility of public services, operation permits and quality of infrastructure;  b) their location, close to main trade routes, suppliers, human resources and education centers; and c) the availability of added value services, such as internal security, maintenance and tenants permanent attention, available buildings for sale or leasing, under schemes such as shelter, built-to-suit and lease back.