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Signing Reciprocal Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (RIPPAs) is part of a strategy established by the Mexican government to provide national and foreign investors a legal framework that offers stronger protection for foreign investment in Mexico and Mexican investment abroad.

In general, RIPPAs include the following topics: investment definition, scope of application, promotion and admission, investment treatment, expropriation, transfers and resolution of Investor-State and State-State controversies.

Mexico has signed 31 of these agreements, as shown in the next table.

RIPPAs signed by Mexico
Country Year   Country Year   Country Year
Switzerland 1996   Cuba 2002   Spain 2008
Argentina 1998   Greece 2002   India 2008
Netherlands 1999   Italy 2002   Slovak Republic 2009
Denmark 2000   Uruguay 2002   China 2009
Finland 2000   Belgium-Luxemburg 2003   Belarus 2009
France 2000   Czech Republic 2004   Singapore 2011
Portugal 2000   Iceland 2006   Bahrain 2014
Germany 2001   Panama 2006   Kuwait 2016
Austria 2001   Australia 2007   Turkey 2017
Sweden 2001   United Kingdom 2007  
Korea 2002   Trinidad and Tobago 2007  

Source: Secretariat of Economy, 2018.

Furthermore, some of the Free Trade Agreements that Mexico has signed include a chapter on investment that is similar to a RIPPA, for example, the agreements signed with the US, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Japan.

This institutional framework brings legal certainty to businesses that decide to establish operations in Mexico.