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Global Location Trends 2018 Annual Report
Mexico has become one of the world's top destination countries for FDI.
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Doing Business México 2018
Mexico ranks higher than Brazil, China, India and Russia.
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Blue Book
Document aimed to be useful for the senior management of corporations interested in doing business in Mexico. It has a user-friendly approach, includes introductions, key points, common questions & answers, as well as applied diagrams. The book covers general legal themes and specific regulated markets.
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Investment in Mexico 2017
This guide has been designed to assist those contemplating investing or doing business in Mexico. It is intended to provide general information on a number of subjects important to business activity.
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The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing
Mexico was considered as “Rising global star” in manufacturing by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). According to BCG, Mexico is highly competitive when comparing labor and energy costs and sustained productivity with the main global exporting economies.
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Atlas of Economic Complexity
The Atlas places Mexico as the best positioned country in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the BRIC countries.
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Global Benchmark Report 2014
The Global Benchmark Report 2014 includes 86 international benchmarks and provides a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the OECD countries in the global economy. In addition to this, this year's theme chapter discusses the global battle for raw materials, which is one of the global challenges facing many European countries.
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Competitive Alternatives 2016, KPMG
Mexico is the location with the lowest costs, approximately 22.5% below the standard marked by the US costs, according KPMG’s study “Competitive Alternatives 2016.” This study compares the business costs in more than 100 cities of 10 countries from North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
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