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Mexico has world-class infrastructure. In recent years, the country has received international awards for the capacity and quality of its venues.

  • Mexico is ranked third in the world with 10 World Heritage cities, behind Italy (16 cities) and Spain (14 cities).

  • Mexico is the leader in the Americas in the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Of Mexico's 32 World Heritage Sites, 4 are natural, 27 are cultural and 1 is mixed.

  • There are an estimated 125,000 historical monuments throughout Mexico.

  • The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has 187 archeological landmarks open to public, 47,000 archaeological sites registered, 48 landmarks with archeological declared monuments, 121 open museums open to public, 620,000 items cataloged in custody, 116,000 catalog cards of historical properties, 11,000 registered historical monuments, 59 historic declared landmarks, 3 schools, 68 libraries and 34 photo libraries.

  • In addition to the proverbial hospitality of the Mexican people, the country's beaches and wide biodiversity of natural sceneries, Mexico has 116 tourism destinations named "Magical Towns" because of their cultural wealth.

  • Mexico's Auditorio Nacional is the main stage in Latin America for live shows. Since its renovation and reopening in 1991 by architects Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León, it has received more than 31 million attendees to shows by important artists from diverse music genres, as well as prestigious opera and ballet companies. It has been granted Best International Venue of the World Award by Billboard in 2007. Currently is recognized Year End Worldwide Ticket Sales Top 200 in the Theatre Venues category by Polistar magazine, as the theater that sold the most tickets in the world during 2016.

  • Mexico has the largest film exhibition infrastructure in Latin America and the second ranked in the Americas. The country has 6,633 cinematographic screens. It is also the Latin American country with higher number of attendees to movie theaters and the fourth globally (338 million people in 2017).

Mexico offers:
Museums 1,310   Cathedrals 82
Theaters 658   Music Libraries 27
Cultural Centers 1,954   Photo Libraries 117
Galleries 943   State Agencies Culture 32
Auditoriums 893   Secretariat of Culture Offices 224
Libraries 7,436   Art & Culture Magazines 273
School and specialized libraries* 8,257   Art & Culture Electronic Magazines 134
Bookshops 1,668   Book fairs 153
Reading Rooms* 4,356   Art & Culture Festivals 623
Native Development Centers 128   Exhibitions and other artistic and cultur 139
Craft Homes 174   Arts Educations Programs 1,313
Universities 1,885   Arts Education Center 848
Mexican World Herigate Sites 34   Archeological Sites Open to the public 190

RNDGB: Libraries administrated by the National Library Network of the Secretariat of Culture.
*Latest update, 2014.
Source: Secretariat of Culture 2018.