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The time and procedures to open or close a business, as well as to get construction permits are critical factors for international business success.

Number of procedures for opening a business

In Mexico, an investor needs only 8 procedures in order to open a company. This number is significantly lower than in Germany, Brazil or India.

Time needed for opening a business

In Mexico a business can open in 8.4 days, while in China and Brazil 22.9 and 79.5 days are needed, respectively.

Number of procedures needed to obtain construction permits

In Mexico 15 procedures are required for construction permits, which means that it is easier to obtain them here than in Brazil, China and India where more of these procedures are required.

Time needed to get construction permits

In Mexico, construction permits are much quicker than in India, China and Brazil. While in Mexico it takes 82.3 days, in China investors need 247.1 days or 434.0 days in Brazil.

Years for creditors to recover their credit

In Mexico creditors can recover their credit in 1.8 years, which less time than the one needed in Czech Republic, Brazil and India.

Recovery rate

The recovery rate is recorded as cents on the dollar recouped by creditors through the bankruptcy, insolvency or debt enforcement proceedings.

Additionally, the recovery rate for closing a business in Mexico is 67.6 cents, 26.8 cents more than Chile and 54.9 cents more than Brazil.