ProMéxico MIM

The pharmaceutical Dutch company will invest 20 million dollars in a new facility at Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. The new plant will create 120 new direct jobs. The new facilities will be equipped with state to the art technologies and will include new production lines for the production of oral solids, will have capacity to produce 200 million of tablets, 200 million of capsules, 15 million of blisters and a million of jars each year. The company will be able to give manufacturing services to other laboratories, supply the local market and export to other countries in Central America and Europe.

The Portuguese company is dedicated to specialized clinic research. It announced the opening pf a new office at Mexico City to reinforce its presence in Latin America and increase its expansion, having a complete operational attention in the region. The office in Mexico will provide strategic consultancy, clinic studies, management of projects and result research to help pharmacist and biotechnologist associates in its strategical plans for the development of drugs.

As part of it' new strategy in information technologies to optimize its global operations, the Swiss-British company, one of the main pharmaceuticals located in Mexico, announced the installation of a new Global Technology Center in Zapopan, Jalisco. The 12 million dollar investment will create 200 high qualify new jobs on a first stage on 2016 and 200 more the following year. Astra Zeneca is aimed to complement the activities of the first center, opened in India in 2014, by giving attention to the specific needs of markets such as the Latin American and the North American one.