ProMéxico MIM

Safran Group
The Group has operated in Mexico for 20 years, mainly in the aerospace and security industries. Their presence in the country is geared to supply the American market, to diversify their production locations and to search for new markets. It is the largest aerospace employer in Mexico with nearly 5,700 employees working in 10 production, maintenance and engineering sites.

In February 2016, Safran announced the construction of an eleventh production plant in the country, dedicated to composite parts for the "Leap" jet engine.

Zodiac Aerospace
Zodiac Aerospace is a global leader in the production of aircraft interiors, evacuation systems and other aerospace systems (harnesses, seat subassemblies, cabin panels, restrooms, water tanks and waste tanks).

Since 2006, Zodiac began its activity with the production of emergency evacuation systems, like the slides. Over time, the site expanded its capabilities by integrating other activities: seats components and sub-assembly, actuation system, interconnection system, lighting, inflight entertainment systems.

Currently, the Group employs nearly 3,000 workers in Chihuahua and continue its development with the ramp-up of the production, opening 150 new job positions.

Bombardier Mexico
With more than 10 years of experience in Mexico, Bombardier employs 1,800 workers at its plant in Queretaro. The company's main activities in the country are the production of aircraft structural components, harnesses and electric sub-assemblies; the rear fuselage for the renowned family of Global airplanes; the flight control system (rudder, lift and horizontal stabilizer) for the turboprop Q400 NextGen, the Challenger 605 aircraft and the rudder for the CRJ700/900/1000 NextGen.

The company states that Bombardier operations in Mexico has greatly contributed in an operative costs reduction and a higher profitability.